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tv   Today  NBC  February 7, 2017 7:00am-9:41am EST

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protest the confirmation of president trump's pick for education secretary. >> ms. devos has failed to make the grade. >> if you cannot be a champion of public schools, you should not be secretary of education. >> will vice president mike pence make history by casting an unprecedented tiebreaker. an appeals court set to hear arguments over the president's travel ban, as the white house issues a compromise that would allow an exception for some travelers. stormy weather. powerful systems acro
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country. as tom brady, his teammates and historic come-from-behind win, with a huge parade today, tuesday, february 7th, 2017. from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning. welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning. happy to have maria shriver in once again while savannah continues on maternity leave. al says the weather in boston for that big parade, rain and wind. but you're convinced when brady takes to the parade route, the skies will clear. >> i said yesterday, hot, hot, hot, in eve
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jersey. >> we'll have more about the parade. you can tell new yorkers, we've gone from amazed to bitter now. let us start with our top >> let us start with our top story on a tuesday morning. president tru facing challenges several fronts from senate democrats trying to block one of his cabinet nominees to a key court decision over his travel ban that could come as early as today. we have these things all covered starting with peter alexander at the whitese this morning. peter good morning. >> good morn you. senior aids here at the white house tell me they're confident they have the votes but it's betsy devos does get confirmed today it will be by the narrowist possible margin. democrats targeted her from the very start again overnight. here's a live look at the senate floor with
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scheduled to vote. >> overnight democrats taking a stand. aimed at betsy devos. >> this is not a job for amateurs. >> if you cannot be a champion for public schools you should not be secretary of education. >> they need three republicans to join their r so far they only have two. with that vote expected today he's set to make history. as the first vp to break a 50/50 tie to confirm a nominee. also mr. trump's choice to leave the labor department andy puzder admitting he employed an undocument immigrant as a housekeeper f years. when i learned her status we ended her employment. we full fireworks paid back
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of airports. a show down before a federal appeals court. online the future of president trump's immigration order. the first legal challenge of his presidency. justice depart lawyers defending the executive order with a lawfxeofhe authority over the entry of aliens to the u.s. and admission of refugees. mr. trump standing his ground while visiting troops at mcdill air force base in tampa. >> we need stng programs so that people that love us and want to love our country and will end up loving our country are allowed in. not people that want to destroy us and destroy our country. >> overnight clinton with a video statement. >> despite a tllgewe face i remain
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his predecessor reay>> i lik because i can feel it. that's what i do in life. i understand. back to that battle over the travel restrictions, the ninth circuit court will hold oral arguments by phone today underscorinth urgency of this case. overnight t president tweeted about it. he said the threat for radical islamic terrorism is very real. look at what is happening in europe and the middle east. courts must act fast. thank youe much. pete williams will be keeping an eye on the hearing on the president's el ban. good morning y
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how is this going to play reun for people rushing to get here ine things change again. after the last of the written briefs the three judge panel decided to schedule an hour of oral argument. the judges will all be in their chambers and when that is over the court is expected real quickly. maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow. >> what is at the heart of the issue? what are they trying to decide? >> at this stage it is who is hurt the most. letting the travel restriction go back into effect would hurt them the most. they say the faculty and students at the university can't travel. their high-tech industries can't bring in the world's brightest but the government says it's hurt the most if the executive order stays on hold because dangerous peoe can try to get visas and enter the country. >> is it winner take all? it
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should do is let the executive order go back into place but give an exemption to people allowed into the country once before and now want to return or people that are here on visas now and want to travel and then come back. >> nbc's justice correspondent pete wms. as always, thank you very much. >> the trump administration is also escalating it's view with the media. now claiming news agencies are down playing terrorist attacks. here in the u.s. and around the world. halle jackson has more on that. good morning. >> they believe they haven't received enou attention and now that list is out intended to back up t president's very public complaint about coverage. today new back up from the white house to try to support this
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president trump. >> you have seen wha europe it's happening. it's gotten to a point where it's not eve being reported and in many cases the very, very dishonest press doesn't want to report it. >> pressed to clarify what exactly has not been reported, the administra releasing a list of 78 terror attacks. including the one at the pulse night club orlando. >> i'm matt lauer in orlando. >> another in brussels. >> i'm matt lauer in brussels. >> both among the biggest stories of 2016. the point is to show terror attacks are so persuasive at this point that they do not spark the wall-to-wall coverage they once did adding this cannot be allowed to become the new normal. >> the t media don't always cover sf the events. protests w g blown out of
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spotlight again. >> most people don't know that because it didn't get covered. >> she says she misspoke in that interview wh chris matthews. >> all of us are wrong every once in awhile. >> that may have been the third time she referenced the existent attack. twice in late january. first in tmz. >> two iraqis came here and got radicalized an were the masterminds behind the bowling green atta on our soldiers. >> and cosmopolitan. telling the magazine on sunday. frankly the terrorists in bowling gre but their massacre took place in iraq. at least th got clear thinking people
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to en in bowling green.pp or the purpose of killingting t u.s. soldiers. conway telling nbc news overnight th obsession over this makes it seem like i said something th affects people's lives. like say, if you like your doctor, youn keep your doctor. >> and conway this morning is reiterating at the terrorists lived in bowling green the massacre happened in iraq saying she is at least glad to have raised awareness. >> thank you much. >> in the meantime nbc news has exclusive n information this morning about the intended target of last week's navy s.e.a.l. raid in yemen. good
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pass on to the trumpnbcew yemen. considered e third most dangerous terrorist in the world. the mission capture or kill him. >> i think it is a successful operation by all standards. >> but today we know the high stakes gamble to camp tour him was not a success. he was alive according to multiple military officials that also confirm prompting president donald trump on
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>> the secretary of defense and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff called the capture a game changer and making their case to proceed they told president trump they doubted the obama administratn lve be bold enough to try it. the operation was larger than any counter terrorism strike since the killing of osama bin laden. two dozen navy s.e.a.l.s were involved. 30 to 40 other americans on the ground and in the air. and a half dozen soldiers. navy seal william ryan owen was killed. 14 al qaeda
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several civili that the u.s. an the capturing of key intelligen a may not bare fruit for sometime. >> nor that clear weather was at the target location that night or whether perhaps he was tipped off beforehd. >> avengers recalling some of its dog food after a drug often used to euthanize pets was found in it. one dog that ate the food died. four other dogs got sick. the recall involves 12 ounce cans of hunk of beef. the companh terminated it's relationshiph the
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bowl victory parade today. the team returned home last night to a big welcome. thousands people gathering and even mo lining the city streets this morning. ron mott is there. good morni >> hey, good morning. this is becoming old hat around here. football season ends. but how they won this game on sunday, this parade will be something to behold. >> a man of his word, today, super bowl mvp tom brady and his new england patriots back in boston. raised to take lombardi trophy to the streets. but with a dramatic win comes a significant lo. brady announcing h
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>> shows up on ebay someere someone let lieutenant governo called on t texas rangers to help track down the jersey. they place a very high value and it's the most valuable nfl collectiblever. the professional baseball team having some fun. responding wi a tweet saying this is a bit out of our job descriptiobu wel see what we can do. >> those are special ones to keep but what can you do. i'll take the ring and that's good enough for me. >>
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produck tiff work force today. writing an excuse note for them with this post reading attention managers of boston, i declare tomorrow a city wide holiday. tomorrow we dance in the streets. >> anne wondering whether tom brady might hang up his cleats think again. he says he continues to want to play this game for a very long time. >> ron, maria said she may have seen tom's jersey in her hotel room if you could get that word to tom tuld ome here to pick it up. >> thank you, ron. >> been here all
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try to parts of tennessee, parts ofmisa we are going to be looking at those strong storms. in fact, you can see strong storms and risk of heavy lightning, possible tornadoes. 27 million people as this system moves to the east. severe storms and damaging wind. a wintry mix making its way into new england and that will not dampen the spirits of all the folks in the parade. and the next system will develop and may cause a big problem and down to arkansas
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o good morn everybody. mostly clou around washington. this is our tower camera looking northbound e there are some rain drops to be found here this morning. right along the 270 corridor. most of those rain showers light as they are will be moving on out. rain chances will remain highest
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ry upper 60s will be new record highs. get outside and enjoy it. >> you mentioned our producer immediate contacted me after we wore those patriots suits yesterday. and asd for them. he is a huge, huge fan. congratulation don. coming up, soccer super star david beckham caught up in a hacking and blackmail scandal. this morning how he is responding. >> and deay problem with an easy fix. why aren't we seeing it on the road? first thisod
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d.hey were investigati a suspicious car. several roads were closed there but they are now back open. the investigation is over. >> montgomery county fire rescue says a search for a missing person will resume this morning. they sent a helicopter to the great falls area to search for someone around the potomac river overnight. theyad to suspend the search because of the weather and we'll
7:27 am
so show you we're slow even up through th area. it's quite a delay from an earlier crash there. they're in the two right lanes this mornin crashes now on the shoulder. >> thank y me lis sachsa we a quick break now a check on reex
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7:30, new york. that didn't keep these folks from stopping by studio 1a. utside in a little while. i'm matt lauer, >> i'm matt lauer. good to have you here. let's take a look at the stories making headlines. a key court battle over president trump's executive order over immigration. the justice department will face-off by phone before a panel of federal appeals judges. those will decide if the order should be
7:31 am
>> expeedhe opposition to her. and speak out against the pick. the vote is to stand at 50/50 and vice pri mike pence will cast the tie breaker of very first for a cabinet nominee. >> thiw scene in arizona overnight. the town hit by heavy rain, strong winds and intense lightning strikes. this is part of the system that could produce optimal tornadoes in the south today. we'll get to al's forecast coming up in a moment. >> this morning soccer super star david beckham is responding to a hack attack and blackmail attempt that made some of his private e-mails front page news. >> the controversy started when hackers alle stole millions of e-mails last year for a
7:32 am
committee that awards those hounappreciative and blasting th with as a rulg talked about the david beckham unicef fund. >> until you're there on the ground you don't see the great work that's being done and outweight w people thought about unicef. >> in another exchange he rejected a option that he donate a million dollars. to pour th million into the fund it's like pouring my money in and if there was no fund the money would be for
7:33 am
this moneyef h been a unicef u.k. ambassador since 2005 and as well as giving his time and support to raise funds david has given significant funds personally. the e-mails have not been verified by nbc news. david beckham is addiment that the leaked messages are being taken out of context. his spokespers telling nbc news this story is based on out dated materi taken out of ntext frckd doctored private e-mails from a third party server and gives a deliberateinaccurate picture. >> i just want people to see me as a hard working footballer. someone that
7:34 am
have gi an elaborate publicity operation at work. beckham's fy also rallying behind him. his oldest son brooklyn posting this tender moment of dad and little sist harper to his instagram captioned only with two hearts. beckham's te had obtained an injunction but then when some media outlet across europe released the then the british press followed so they still haven't figured out who the hackers are. >> we're seeing more and more of these stories. >> we are. >> thank you mr. roker, another check of the weather. >> well, it's like a weather whiplash comi up. we have record breaking weather bedayreoing aws possible. houston, oklahoma, atlanta, detroit, d.c. and
7:35 am
tomorrow the cold air starts i into providence and by thursday afternoon we have snow from boston all the way down to new york. it pushes through. we are looking at generally about 2 to 4 inches on eastern long island a on up toward boston we could see 2 to 6 inches of snow. that's what's going on around the country. heres what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. partly to mostly cloudy sky. a couple of rain drops as we're looking southbound. brighter skies to the south. rain chances are lower south of town today and higher to the north. light rain along the 270 corridor a
7:36 am
be the case for the remainder of 69 degrees this afternoon. enjoy >> don't forget any time you need your weather go to the weather channe on cable. >> are you okay? >> i'm here to defend you. >> i mean, really. >> coming up on trending, the morning routine you should be doing for a bigger energy boost than coffee. >> but first, the safety hazard on the road with the simple solution th c save lives. why isn't it being more widely used? that story ahi game. this is not a screensaver. this is the destruction of a cancer cell by the body's own immune system, thanks to medicine that didn't exist until now. and today can save your life.
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year and yom beinki that's true of a lot of safety issue on the road but this is different bec this issue has a simple fix aey say it could save those lives. >> this is what happens when your car hits the side of the truck trailer and crashes under. >> it can be a horrific crash. the passenger or driver is going to be hit in the head. >> about 200 people die this way every year. >> she had a lot of personality. definitely my best friend. >> her daughter was 26 years old when her car skidded out of control in a blizzard and slid under the side of a truck trailer. she died instantly. >> it's 12
7:42 am
pain every da tycontrol until s something dur a trip in europe. >> loing at all of the tractor-trail they all have side guards. >> side guards like these required on most trucks in europe since 1989. she started digging and what they told her made her angry. >> if the trailer had side guard she is would he survived. >> two pieces of aluminum. >> gave us a behind the scenes look. we're abo to take a look at what it looks like with no guard.
7:43 am
site citing a story and 9 out of 10. and reject the recommendation. declined our request to interviews a this letter from a department are not cost effective a we can park at a trailer or dangerously increase their weight. >> the department of transportati a his office for highway safety declined to talk to us. the former head did. they pressed them to take action. congress c direct it to do so. >> why does
7:44 am
the comes with the contributions. >> members of the senate transportati committee receive more than 9 million in the transportationtry in last year's election cycle. $31,500 in t last five years two years ago. >> it's his responsibility. absolutely his responsibility. >> i'd like you to ask him that question. >> so we did. she specifically named you and said you have the power by legislation to order the ot to act on this d uldot easily and that is in your responsibil >> s also se a letter last summer basically saying it's been put off for a long period of time. we can talk about who's responsibilie
7:45 am
everything can to make ourstep >> is iscommittee. your negligence. do something about it. >> not moving on this issue. what's your response to that. >> we every so many years move a highway drill. our job is to look at what we can do to make our highway safer and if side guards and trucks is something that fit that definition.
7:46 am
committees we have a list at >> io when mothers and people step up and have been cited for years on this and there's enoh and potentially has it one way or another. >> great job. thank you very much. and up next chanel is in the orange room with more on the super bowl performance of lady gaga.
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tide, number 1 rated. coralling us and controlling us. where we're given a choice... ...not just to get up, but to rise. ♪ all right. we're back at 7:50. people still talking about lady gaga's halftime performance at the super bowl. so, sheinelle is in the orange room with more on that. sheinelle, good morning. >> good morning. lady gaga put good morn lady gaga put on an unforgettable halftie
7:51 am
surprise. >> it's ale bit longer and down in the area. i cried. >> she wasn't the only one that's shed tears after the show. lady gaga got emotional backstage and people online are claiming th g sneak peek of the halftime show long before she booked the gig thanks to the si sims. a lady gaga is seen dancing on stage in an outfit like she wore on sunday. put on an incredible show. >> that is
7:52 am
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bit. both main and local lanes that are slow right now. southbound ck creek parkway. a vehicle off the roadway now. beltway not bad in the area. thank you melissa. we'll take a quick break now and we'll checkr sthe we come . brap
7:57 am
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7:59 am
good morning. starting off with a lot of clouds. this is looking northbound now. most of the light rain now is on the north side of the city and the east side. steadier ra showers are more likely along the pennsylvania border from much of northern virginia southu today. only a chance of a passing shower or two. the big story is going to be the temperatures. we'relrdyt upper 40s and low 50s. likely to set a new record high today up at 69 degrees. chance of rain 30%. get outside d y
8:00 am
♪"today." coming up, all-nighter. senate democrats mount a final protest against president trump's pick for education secretary. >> it is difficult to imagine a worse choice to head the >> it's difficult to announce a worst choice to head the department o education. >> failed to make the grade. >> vice preside mike pence make history with a tie breaking vote as an appeals court prepares to arguments over trump's travel ban. plus baywatch is back. >> welcome to baywatch. >> behind the skeecene the hit tv show's big screen
8:01 am
a sneak baywatch and updated it,edvolume. >> and mother-daughter moment. christie brinkley makes her return to sports illustrated swim suit issue along side her two girls. >> we'r
8:02 am
morning it's traw talked about. how long is this going again la tomorrow. >> maria in for savannah this week. always good to have you here. and savannah was just selected for a 2017. being one of the most virtual journalistsn media today. >> congrats. >> that's right. >> she's making all the wrong clothes tomor >> don't have plans for valentine's d we got you covered. give us some
8:03 am
>> first let's get a check of the morning's top stories. folks here's your news at 8. >> the white house for today. president ts waging war on two fronts pressing an appeals court to reinstate his immigration which temporarily bans travel to refugees and some foreign citizens and working to get his controversi education secretary confirmed. democrats a on the senate floor in an all out protest trying to blocher. the battle over the travel ban is heating up this morning. >> we will defeat radical islamic terrorism and we will not allow it to take root in our country. >> t threator radical islamic terrorist is very real. look at what is happening in europe and in the middle east. in just a few hours the admtr
8:04 am
restore executive t trump laid out his case. ne strong programs. so that people who love us are allowed in. >> the administration argues the order is legal. it comes to immigration and controlling t borders. and the executive order is unconstituti nearly 100 mostly high-tech companies adding a ban makes recruiting t talent around the world more difficult. >> instead amping up his rhetoric on terror. president trump even going unreported. >> ima cases a very,
8:05 am
dent pick for education secretary. >> in my mind she's the least qualified nominee in a historicallunqualified cabinet. president trump picked the labor secretary. aft reveti appointed an undocumented worker. my wife and i employed
8:06 am
speaker. when i republicans said they won't support her. this will be tough to get. bottom line she will likely get confirmed. >> a couple wanted for question in three gulf coast murders. the latest criming took place monday in pennsylvania cola. a young mother at home with her toddler was shot and critically wounded. her car was stolen. also killed two other women in florida and another across the state line in alabama in just over a week. >> well, the historic streets of boston are filling up with it. sunday's
8:07 am
>> they're getting their places in line as well. and they went south to foxboro and thousands of people at the stadium. the seattle seahawks and seattle fan. it's the parade line in downtown boston. and it's where the marathon also and today will start about 11:00 local time and a million people expected. and let's talk about tom brady's jersey. that jersey he wore on sunday is somewhere in this country is missing. and in the celebration a
8:08 am
and we'll send bakt to you. >> thank you very much. up next, former president obama like you have never seen him before. >> why t patriots historic super bowl me back earned this tennis star a very unusual date. >> and she takes a look at an innovative n procedure for breast cancer patients. but first,e ge
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♪ 8:11, good time to trend 8:11. good time to trend with maria shriver. and here's this man richard branson. so at was the former president do to relax? president obama and branson enjoying that water sport and the clear blue waters. how good does that look? it's obama's first time trying the sport within a couple of days. that's the hardest sport we have ever tried. within a couple of days he was up catching waves. >> he's got this under it that riesd on top of the waves. and they had a competition to see who would stay up longer and apparently pde obama was the winner of that. look at this picture. want to see a guy that looks like
8:13 am
lifted. where tl shoulders. >> at of him. this is something that i like. so according to this new study we have very different character traits. researchers say things like desire can change based on where you live. so you guys are very anxious about your relationship. waylaid back. people in utah, they're the most relationship inclined. i might be moving there. there's many factors at play here but simple peer pressure is what effects people most in these new environments. all stressed out and anxious. >> do you think that's true. >> yeah. i think definitely people in new york. >> i thin if y read new york for a week
8:14 am
>> thank y >> those who do, i don't know how you survive without it. those who do its because you want that boost of energy, right? what if i told you about something yoco do instead of drinking coffee and get that same level of energy. it's a 90 second shrew teen that will wake you up faster than coffee. first you get in the shower and you blast yourself for 30 seconds and then you turn it to warm water r 30 seconds and then you flip it back to cold for the last 30 seconds. this routine apparently opens capillaries a boosts your circulation. warm showers or hot shows
8:15 am
afterwards. >> had t jump into that. >> and that was nasty. >> oh, okay. >> thank you. christie brinkley is making a try yum f tpo illustrated. look stunning at 63 years old. pictured he with her two daughters. alexa ray and sailor. here's another shot of looking incredible. she graced the cover for the first time in 1979. she even got a little
8:16 am
on set with her daughterl >> cold shower every morning. >> cold shower. that will she learned to never bet against t brady. the falcons took a commanding lead in sunday's big game. she tweeted i knew atlanta would win by the way. one of her fans decided to capitalize on that, if the patriots win we go on a date. to which she replied sure. we all know who won the game and she is planning to stick to her word. she asked the fan where he lives and he said he will take her on a date. >> what could possibly go wrong. >> kylie claiming victory over
8:17 am
kylie name. the trademark would confuse fans and dilute her brand and it also calls her a secondary reality television personality. jenner is already planning an appeal. >> thank you very much. >> what have you got. >> let's see what we got. we have severe thunderstorms. parts of arkansas on tennessee and memphis and little rock. probably gog to see tornado watch coming out and right now we do have a risk of strong storms from indianapolis down to mobile. 27 milli people at risk for those storms. we're also watching a nor'easter coming in. up to new york and eventually boston will be a problem. thursday morning rough commute from philly and washington d.c.
8:18 am
by thursday evening up and down the east coast. that's what is going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> still a mostly cloudy sky out there. mainly down to the south and east of the city and rain showers along the border and northern tip of the i-81 corridor. most likely to see rain chances through theday. a couple of sprinkles as well. so not a lot of a rain threat around the city. rain chances about 30% or less. the big story will be the warmth. the low to mid 50s already. highs todayp close to 70 degrees. >> that's your latest weather. >> all right, al. thank you ve much. we want to go back to our special series war on cancer highlightin latest break throughs in t fight against that disease. >> an london is here this morning with a story about an innovative available to
8:19 am
>> nice to be with yo some time beautiful vi young lady that faced her share of heart break and challenges due to breast cancer and she has chosen a unique path that's a real game changer for women in the fight against cancer. >> i feel that even though i lost my mom i feel she is with me right now and she wants me to do this and i feel like she shepping me find my way. >> 34-year-old courtney curtain understands well the fight against cancer. her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer when courtney was in the thd grade. a decade later it was back and had spread to her brain. >> there were points when i would go day without taking a shower becau that would involve me leaving her side and i wouldn't do it. it's not even that i couldn't. i wouldn't do it. i wanted to there for her. >> courtney's mom passed away age 5. her mother's sister died of breast cancer not long
8:20 am
courtney's c was diagnosed surv. then last june, at a routine check up, courtney's doctor discoverea lump. it proved to be benign and courtney got strong advice. >> when your doctor said if you have this family history you should get genetic testing. you were reluctant. >> i was. i had been told as a child in the doctor's room you get genetic testing and you test positive for any cancer mutation your insurance provider will drop you and i remember that lingering ov my head forever. >> which is not the case today. >> exactly and i didn't know that. >> she m with leading medical oncologist . julia smith at the nyu cancer center. she ordered a blood test to map courtney's dna. >> courtney has a mutation in the gene so i advised her
8:21 am
sen to have enhanced breast surveillance. >> courtney needed to share the news with her fiancee jason. >> you're engaged and planning a wedding and you get this kind of diagnosis. >> w a bit of a set back. it was scary, but, you know, it showed me a side of jason that i have never seen. >> supportive she says during the toughest decision. courtney che to under go a preventive mastectomy. doctors told her genetic tests and her age suggested her chances of getting breast cancer after the surgery would drop from 60% to just 1% and they offered her a cutting edge approach. what nyu calls breast in a day. where mastectomy and reconstructi happens all in
8:22 am
common multle year. it's a relatively new option for a select number of patients. >> the implant goes underneath the muscle. >> the nyu as surgeon says it's fewer surgeries and helps women cope. >> they wake up and feel hope. they don't have a period of the grieving process. >> and so in november, courtney checked in for surgery with nyu's team of top surgeons. the surgeons removed courtney's breast tissue. her nipples were tested to confirm the was no cancer and then the plastic surgeons stepped in to reconstruct with breast implants. >> everythi wt really well. >> courtney's surgery took just over three hours. >> how are you? >> a month later courtney was still healing but in good
8:23 am
spirits. >> thisas designed specificallfo you. >> and to celebrate a very meaningful milesto courtney invited us to join her as she took some exciting steps toward her future. >> i feel like i took control. i feel like i got this. i got through this. i beat you breast cancer. you didn't beat me. >> and doctors have been refining th procedure over the past five years. it's become more common in the last two or three years because now there are more women that are positive coming in for surgery yet it's still done in less than 1% of all cases in the country. nyu says about 1 in 10 women are candidates and you can go to to find out more. but this is a game changer. >> that statistic you put where her risk of getting breast cancer went from 60% down to 1. >> it's a no brainer. she has such a huge
8:24 am
history. >> thank you. >> thanks guys. and we have te ml r that.
8:25 am
8:26 am
>> big problem still. they are getting better but that's good but we're still slow 270 southbound. beltway no major issues. had some earlier problems there. that is your look at the map at 270 is we're slow all the way down to the spur. live look he at 270 at falls road. erin. >> tha yo k r forecasrite s break. [ alarm clock beeping ] weather. ♪ [ laughter ]
8:27 am
for it. [ cat screech ] [ laughter ] ♪ [ screaming ] [ laughter ] make everyday awesome with the power of xfinity x1... hi grandma! and the fastest internet. [ girl screaming ] [ laughter ]
8:28 am
there's ar of light rain and sprinkles around most of the area but the light rain is up across parts of the west virginia panhandle. it is a mild start to the day. already in the low to mid 50s.
8:29 am
hrough the clouds to get records. 69 is the forecasted high tod get the latest news and weather any time. just open the nbc washington app. you just gonna stand there gawking? yeah. intrigued. ♪ don't worry. they're for your ears. ha ha. rated r.
8:30 am
♪ it's 8:30, now, on a tuesday morning. 7th day of february, 2017. normally at this time of the normally this kind of show would be outside. we have brought our crowd inside because it was nasty out there and maria didn't want to go out. meanwhile though, you know, it's great. we have music star fashion icon and actress rita ora. >> i love that introduction. >> thank you much. >> can you say it again? just kidding. >> so many titles, fashion icon, music star, actress, which one do you like the best? >> i just love performing
8:31 am
so i would like the music side. ou it but we really love that you're in 50 shades darker, girl. >> i play christian grey's youngest sisr that gets away with everything. she's the one that informs, you know dakota about a bunch of things and it's definitely gone up a notch since the first one. >> in what way. >> in all ways. it depends on what time it is in the morning. >> it is the morning show. >> go ahead tell us. it's great. everything intense, and it's the second and the third one which is exciting and, you know, just being a part of the franchise is, you know, it's massive. >> has it changed you? >> it change med in way
8:32 am
look at thingsdifferently. no i'm kidding. i just learned a lot about this whole aspect of entertainment being a part of movies and not being able to creatively do your own thing like music when you do what you want. you have to stick to a regime and wake up early. like you guys know. >> that's a good segway. you have new music coming out. >> i have such great surprises. i can't say anythi yet. >> come on. come on. >> i can't right now. four of you. >> 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. >> 5. >> it's early. it's early. >> rita, we love you. >> i love you guys. >> a good tease by the way. >> 50 shades darker hits theaters on friday. >> mr. roker check of the weather. >> t'sh you what we've got going on and you'll see for the boston marathon, i'm sorry, the
8:33 am
a maratrad. 11:00 a.m. changing over to rain. 33 degrees. the rest of the country storms through the gulf coast. heavy rain out west. a good portion of the mid-sectiof the country. tomorrow record highs along the east coast. rain in the pacific northwest and snow making its way in the upper midwest. here's what' happening in your neck of the woods. >> a few areas of sprinkles here. lighter rain autopsy cross the pennsylvania border here. that's where the main rain chances are going to stay today. up north of the city up toward the pennsylvania line so if you're traveling in that direction toy you're going to need the raincoat for sure but around towto we'll have a lot of dry time today to allow temperatur up to 69. 65 tomorrow. thursday mng a rain-snow combination is
8:34 am
>> don't forg g weather any time. >> all hands on deck for every college out there. don't throw away your shot. rokerthon. send us a video showing why your school has the most
8:35 am
attempt. we're going old school. >> we're going to get soroity and fraternity. >> that's right. great lakers. come on. >> speaking of highly anticipated events in 1990s the hit tv show baywatch gearing up to hit the big screen. this young lady spent time with the all star cast. you hear the music it all comes back. i travel to the baywatch set where i learned a thing or two about the responsibility that come with the famous bright red bathing suits. >> baywatch is back. ♪ >> the action drama that brought in audiences of more than a billion people in 148 countries was popularized in the 1990s by beach, babes and bods.
8:36 am
screen for the silverchacters. reprised by some familiar faces. an updated theme song and those bright red bathing suits. >> does it mirror the series at all or something totally different. >> t spit of the series but we wanted to make sure that it felt fresh and contemporary. >> we basically take baywatch and upgraded it, updated it. >> turned up the volume. >> the reboot was partially shot here in georgia on tybee island. >> this is what you would use to save someone. this is called a rescue can. this is very important. >> did you have to do this when you were trying out for this role. >> seriou
8:37 am
determined. both at e same time. >> which happens through the smy, the smiling with your eyes. >> talk to me about the plot. >> dewayne drama is playing mitch buchanan. he has put together this team of people and they protect the bay. >> all about keeping it slow. >> you guys have to save lives in this music. >> yeah. >> how do you save a life. >> i'll be driving a jet ski and he's primed on top ready to pounce and i'll launch off a wave and he sky dives into the water. >> hard right. he hits a right and i southwest airlines go slomo and then the
8:38 am
saving and i'm going to hair at the same time and kiss mouth to mouth. >> saving lives until the seas are safe again. >> baywatch. >> i did that for the job. pamela anderson and david hasselhoff will make cameos in the movie by the way. >> you have no shame. >> i wanted to experience it. >> picked me up like it was just a pillow. i was so light for him. i was like okay. >> that's every girl's dream, right? >> tom brady. >> up next we're exploring the dos and don'ts of valentine's day etiquette but first this is "today" on n but first this, is "today" on nbc.
8:39 am
once again, this wondrous thing called "luck" shines on a new day.
8:40 am
who will feel its embrace? no one knows for sure. but one thing is certain -- its arrival is as inevitable as dawn. ♪ fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we offer equal upload and download speeds. cable can't say that. get this great offer: 150 meg internet, tv and phone for only 79.99 per month online for one year. only from fios. ♪ valentine's day is just a ek
8:41 am
yes, it is. up. >> that's right. >> mr. ma thomas farley is here, to help you navigate the proper etiquette. >> good to see you, thomas. political season has been a little rough on relationships. if you're involved with someone new, how long do you wait before you ask that person their political leanings? and if it goes against yours, is it a deal-break center. >> for a lot of people it will be a deal-breaker. for that reason, you get it out of the way immediately. why waste time? why wait until the fifth date to realize this is someone you're going to be incompatible with. i would get it out there. get it over with. >> i'm looking at maria. >> don't look at me. do not look at me. look at your own ghost and gary right there. >> let's move on. >> okay. >> less uncomfortable. let's look at different personality times as it relates to relationship and romance. we'roi
8:42 am
called ghosting gary. instead of having a frank conversation, he gijust disappears. >> ghosting gary needs to be courageous charlie. it's easy to ghost. if your at a party, ghost away. for a love affair, not a cocktail affair, you want to take the high road. put it out there. this is not working out for me. otherwise, you're going to leave the person waiting and wondering. >> if it's a couple of days, is it okay to ghost? so-to-say -- >> i wouldn't leave a person in a lurch. >> they're going to think -- it just wasn't a love match. >> that's right. they'll be second-guessing every move. >> might have been political. here's weepy wilma. i was assigned weepy wilma. she is someone who doesn't have a date for valentine's day. if you're her, which i'm not, how do you, like, not spoil everybody else's day? >> none of these are typecasting, by the way. let's put that out there right away. the
8:43 am
valentine's day and the day after. this is going to be difficult for her to be watching all of her friends out there on their dates. so, stay away from social media, if she can. put together a galentine's day. >> i did that last year. >> you had a ganetine's day? >> my daughters did and i crashed it. >> a night on the town for all of the girls. they can have fun and a blast. >> all right. i'm lavish lana. i'm the one, i've been out on a couple of dates. and i buy really expensive gifts for my guy. i go way, way, way over the top. what's the etiquette for someone like her? >> what's her problem? >> this is -- >> are you her? >> i might be in some instances. i might be. i might go over. >> you are setting the expectation so high for that other person, first of all, you're setting yourself up for disappointment. you wil
8:44 am
as expensive as what you're giving. for the person accepting it, they're setting a standard that should not be set. the person receiving a gift should put it out here, this is generous, lana, but i can't accept it. >> you don't accept it. >> you need to be good about it because accepting is going to set that bar at a place you can't follow up with it. >> all right. >> that leads us to flattered franco. he's got a good friend, a woman. she is crazy about him. she just lavishes him with praise and compliments because she's in a relationship. he now has to make a decision to tell her not tell her he's not. how do you deal with that? >> he's putting it out there, right away. he's flattered. he's grateful. however, the interest is not mutual. he has to be careful over what he does over days and weeks so that he doesn't give her the wrong idea. >> no mixed signals. it may be unnecessary for them to take a friendship break until she finds someone
8:45 am
situation. >> we all kind of like the ghosting thing. >> we're into that. >> we're not experts apparently. thomas, good to have you. >> thank you. and now that you've got the etiquette down, what are you going to do for the big day? just ahead, eric helps you cook up a night to rebel. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
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you by yoplait greek 100 protein. >> we're back, now, with "today food." and this morning, a recipe for valentine's day romance. eric ripert is one of the great chefs around. good to see you. good morning. >> good to see you, matt. >> when you have a date for valentine's day and you want to cook something special, you want it to feel special but you don't want it to be
8:48 am
>> something iniring, delicious. >> what are we making today? >> swordfish. >> let's talk about ingredients. >> green peppercorn to make the sauce. brand bran brandy, swordfish. >> can you do it with another kind of fish? >> yes. this is hot. you can do it with tuna. do it with meat, if you don't like fish. but of course, because we like to cook fish. salt and pepper on the side. >> a simple seasoning. >> very simple. and not too much pepper because we are using the green >> they have very spicy. nice caramelization. nice color. so it's like that and it's going to cook on 2 minutes each side. what you're going to end up with -- >> just turn this down. >> so we don't
8:49 am
fish inside and we're going to add the sauce to that later. >> we're going to make the sauce right now. >> i remove the fish and we don't want that. then i'm going to. >> like tha >> just a little bit. then the sun begins. >> let's get away. >> okay. >> that's just more for anything. that burns off the alcohol. it is like that. and it's like that.
8:50 am
it's t take some, a little bit of salt like the fish. >> guys downstairs trying this. peanut butter and jelly sandwich and it would sound great. >> glad you're understanding. >> it's already here already. >> you have a little bit of spice in there. and then we'll try the side dish here. we have a minute left. show me how you do this. >> what's down below that. squash, tomato, when it's cooked, w
8:51 am
head to keith urban is co-hosting our next hour first this is "today" on nb this is unbeli. >> thanyoh.
8:52 am
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8:53 am
♪ it is a full house here. look at that. i got kissed by keith urban and harry connick jr. this morning. >> i like this. >> that was before we got here. >> oh. >> okay. wait a minute. >> keith is hosting the next hour on the show. all right. harry is here to talk about something very cool coming up on his syndicated daytime show. it's called "harry." what's going on? >> everything good. first of all, how is everybody? it looks like we're waiting for a bus. i'm excited about my show. i'm about to give away a bunch of tickets to hang out in mardi gras with me and watch my parade. it's going to be fun. we're doing a show with no
8:54 am
first time it's been done when it's all smartphones. >> what? >> it was wild. you see how these cameras are pretty far away. the smartphones -- everybody is close. >> pretty cool. >> you have a smartphone. >> i had one. and everybody, there were a bunch of them. yeah. >> al, you're pretty good. >> the whole show, you're holding that? >> i don't hold it. but the camera operators have one. it was neat. it's cool. i think we might be on to something. it opened up a lot of room in the studio. it was fun. >> yeah. >> guys love that. >> we need to -- >> i'm about to say. >> other than that, is standing, waiting to come on. i'm looking at you. look at keith. keith is about as cool as you can get, waiting to come on. >> please. >> coming up next, keith urban. you're like -- there's nothing for you to do. >> we go back unsec.
8:55 am
to mardi gras with you? >> you can go to my facebook page. and you have to watch every day this week. it's really important to watch the show. there's going to be clues on how to come down to mardi gras. >> you have to watch. >> every day, you have to watch. it will be neat. v.i.p. access. >> orpheus is the best. >> have you gone to mardi gras? >> i haven't. but i want to go with harry. >> the invitation is open to everybody on this couch at any time. it's really fun. >> this guy, he does new orleans right. i went into a restaurant one night in new orleans out of the blue. and in the back room, the entire connick clan was around a table. there were like 20 of you in there. you had taken the place over. >> let's be careful with the word clan. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. >> wow. >> how about family, matt? >> much better. >> these guys keep you on your toes in the morning. >> they're the best. >> what's going on with
8:56 am
touring in december. working on another record soon. but we got grammys coming up this weekend. a lot of good stuff happening. >> and you're filling in for the next hour. >> can't wait to see that. >> harry, you're a handful, man. you can catch his show weekdays. check your local listing. >> maybe get to go to his hood. >> yeah. >> this tuesday february 7th, watching the morning commute. >> right now we are still pretty slow here in t main lanes ahead of 270 southbound. still slow just before the start. southbound the in the left lane causing some delay
8:57 am
wisconsin avenue. crash still blocking two lanes. you can se this out there. >> thank you. we'll get a check on your forecast whe ac stay with fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can deliver equal uploads and downloads. welcome to 8 and a half maple street. it's half a house. and even though it only has half a kitchen, half the closet space and a half bath, it's a full house to the wilsons. because they have fios, their half house has full internet, with uploads as fast as downloads.
8:58 am
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8:59 am
good morning, everybody. storm team 4 radar finding light rain up into the panhandle of west virgini a couple of sprinkles across southern maryland. plenty of dry time-out there today. incredibly mi weather. new record highs for today. tomorrow also looks like a very warm day. clouds increasing and chances increasing by tomorrow evening. >> all right. thank you. get the latest news and weather any time in e shgt app.
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," grammy-winning superstar, keith urban, hear his country confessions. and think outside of the chocolate box, with the valentine's gift guide. and we're going to have fun with the biggest names in music, as we count dow we countdown the grammys coming up rig now. >> from nbc news this is today's take, live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> and welcome to today, tuesday february 7th, 2017. our guest co-host for day 2 of country music week, so exciting, grammy winning music star keith urban. [ applause ] >od morning. >> nice
9:01 am
year for you. >> is there a name for it. >> al's cold brew. >> you might need to come up with a name for it. everyone loves it. it's kind of a thing. >> maybe everybody feel a little welcome. >> do feel welcome. >> congratulations on your album. number one. it's your fifth nb o album. you have a really great sound. >> it's a melting pot. it's evolved over the year of course and th sten to that. >> you're al nominated for two other grammys. the song is called blue ain't your color. so i feel bad that i'm wearing blue this morning. but it's a great song and also best countr
9:02 am
and best country song. you wanted o that one. >> that song has really connected h a lot of people. >> grammys are this sunday. you'll be performing new single fighter with carrie underwood. >> with carrie. yeah. >> are yo working on a video? >> we shot a video late last year and it's going to be coming out. that's usn the video. that's the second video we did technically. >> thas right. it's hard to top this one. >> we had some other girl before carrie. >> some other girl. >> yeah. >> that was earlier. that was the audition reel when we were trying out. >> she should be an actress. >> she does it well, you're right. i'm going to find who that is and suggest it to her. >> get her to come out of herschel. >> i think she might
9:03 am
something. >> d'toli the fact that the car's not even moving. isn't car karaoke supposed to be mobile? >> you di't want to take any chances. >> apparently we didn't. >> you make me feel bad about my relationshi we need to turn up the volume a little bit. >> is that metaphoric or literal. >> wel mae in all ways. >> wow, what is going on? does your husband know you're doing therapy. >> it was a compliment keith. i was just saying. >> i'll ta it. >> you have to be cool parents because my folks please in a car doing selfie would you stop? i quit. >> don't say that. >> it's a compliment. can we play a game, keith. >> more games. >> it's called country confession. we're goi to get to know
9:04 am
>> there's a snake in my boot. >> you to take out a card and answer a question. a bch of questions. >> we have questions in there. >> are you smelling the boo >> he's sg ot >> better accent australia or southern. >> cayodoth accent. >> i live in nashville 24 years. >> if you were to say we have a country super star today. >> we have a country super star here today. >> no, that was great. isn't that great? >> do you want to do another one? >> another one. >> we're extra nosey this morning, keith. >> here we gonch. >>s same one. >> they're l ne >> oh my g no.
9:05 am
audience memb has ever done at one of your concerts? okay. so i was at a concert one time -- someone from way out in the audience yelled out will you sign my leg and i thought well this is great, this girl so this is many, many years ago i said yeah this will be great come up on stage and we'll sign the leg and she disappeared. next minute she lobed this prosthetic leg on to the stage. and so i sied it and then i thought what is the proper prosthetic leg returning etiquette? do you throw it back. >> if you don't get it then she didn't have a leg to stand on. >> that's it. >> one more. >> i didn' realize this was going to be it.
9:06 am
embarin encounter? i' h a few of those. >> give us a couple. >> the first time i met paul mechanare he was backstage at the grammy and nick and him were talking and he was talking about going to lake tahoe and i had been up there a few different times and he said we're going up in the summertime, k and i said oh the summer is fantastic. it's totally different from the winter. and he said oh is it really? totally different? >> i can relate to that one. >> i had a chris farley moment. >> that's a good one. >> so we're celebrating country music week all week. later this week we have jennifer nettles, treatkins. this is unbelievable. each of you guys have been very nice to sign the same guitar.
9:07 am
and give three on the plaza and three to our viewers at home. >> you got reba here. >> yeah. >> fantastic. >> what a great thing to have. this is a big deal. >> so three people at home and three people on the plaza. >> how fantas tt. >> he has become a bit of a celebrity witscuba divers so look at this wide grin in resemblanc bruce. >> bruce also wears lipstick apparently whh is very unusual. >> and eyeliner. >> it's a misset
9:08 am
him the smile and apparently gentle and friendly. >> i'm not testing that. >> coming up we have the must see video of the morning. it's going to make you feel so good. right aftee es ♪elebrating right after these ♪ with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level. make any day a pancake day with nutella- spread the happy! does your makeup remover every kiss-proof,ff? cry-proof, stay-proof look? neutrogena® makeup remover does.
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9:11 am
we're back with "today's take." our guest co-host, keith urban. and this next video is just -- i melt when i see it. we want to share it with you. it's a moment when 6-year-old
9:12 am
while. for the first time, he can take a break in his cancer treatments. take a look when he rings a bell inside the hospital marking this major milestone. [ bell ringing ] [ cheers ] >> that is really special. >> that's pure joy. i was about to say, when kids get excited, they just wiggle. you wiggle, you hop. and you can just imagine for that little kid, he's a fighter. ring that bell, buddy. >> how great they put that bell there. >> it is. children's hospital in pittsburgh. and you just performed for patients at a kid's hospital. >> i was. musicians on call, who do great work, having musicians play for the kids. we're right there. and it's extraordinary. i got to do that last week. bu a
9:13 am
as well. and doing like live conferences, with parents and kids. once a month, i did it every month last year. and it's extraordinary. not only, you know, what the kids go through, but what the parents have to go through, as well, is extraordinary. >> i like it because you get to come in. music is healing. i firmly believe that. hearing you play and sing. fantastic. >> to bring that energy and that environment and try and, you know, lighten as best you can. so important. >> the music can lift you up. speaking of the power of music and being able to lift you up, spotify and accuweather has climate tune. it has the right play list base tonight weather. sunny days call for happier music while rainy days bring out lower energy, sad music. i thought it would be the opposite. >> yeah. >> on a rainy day, you want some uplifting music. >> i think sometimes on
9:14 am
chill out a little you play chillout music, i guess. >> what would be your rainy song? >> i like it coming, by the weekend. there's a tinge of melancholy in it. that seems to fit the day. >> we all chose like mellow songs. right? >> well, how about you? >> i chose "wasted" by carrie underwood. in full disclosure, on a rainy day, i'll put carrie underwood on my spotify and it rolls through. >> that's a good one. >> i went with "september" with earth, wind and fire. >> that's true. you want something to get you -- >> i want to get up and move around a little bit. >> we played this song on my wedding day, when the bridesmaids came in. it was a party. it was september. >> the typical thing -- do you remember --
9:15 am
no one knows the words to that song. >> we do have that -- ♪ >> that's the part when you go -- >> yeah. ♪ september ♪ >> hey. >> it says that if you karaoke in it. if it has that gibberish. >> as an artist, that doesn't bother you, right? let's see what's going on as far as weather is concerned. we're looking at strong storms come into the west coast, with snow
9:16 am
>> a good tuesday morning. it's partly to mostly cloudy sky overhead. not everyone is getting rain right now. down into st. mary's county. the big story will be the warmth. already 59 in front royal, 59 in fredericksbg and highs around 69 degrees. wednesday and thursday may end with wet snow flakes. >> that's fantastic. you want to see this. we
9:17 am
likely youa been >> really? >> now they tell me. >> right aft tesge y tell me. >> right after these messages. if your sneezes are a force to be reckoned with... you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec®. muddle no more®. a new epic flavor... it's cranberry. it's pineapple. and there's no. sugar. added.
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9:21 am
clean as you like? could be you're loading the plates and dishes all wrong. to come clean on what your should and shouldn't be doing, is stephanie cisco, the home editor of "real simple." >> good morning. >> you're going to solve this dilemma. >> it causes some fights in households. i want to show you the right way. >> starting off with the dishes themselves. should you rinse the dishes before you put them in the dishwasher? i say yes. >> me, too. and so, the reason is, you know, you want to rinse them because you might not run the dishwasher right away. if you leave the stuff on there, the food can harden and make it harder for the machine to rinse it off. do yourself a favor and rinse them and do the machine a little favor, too. >> once we start, how do we load the dishwasher. do we start with plates, bowls, glasses? >> let's start with glasswear. i'm going to
9:22 am
disher y >> all right. so, al, what i would suggest in the future is, instead of putting the glasswear over the tines like you did, you want to put it between the tines. it will prevent any tine marks from landing on the glasswear. >> okay. now let's go with it. >> that's another one. >> okay. >> so how would you load it. >> how would i -- okay. >> all right. looking good, al. >> like that. >> that's awesome. so there's a water mechanism that's in the center of every dishwasher so what you want to do is angle your bowls toward that center mechanism so the bowls in the front face the back and the back face the front. >> plates. >> how would you do your plates there, sir.
9:23 am
would i like to leave a space in between. >> i like that so that all the water might be there. if you have a full machine however you want to load let's say this side, the left side facing the right and the right side facing the left. you want it to focus on the center point. >> w ur flatware should it go up? go up or down. >> how would vehe >> when it comes to any. but how much. >> i'm going to go down again. >> you want to alternate how they actual gloi in the basket so none of that food gets
9:24 am
in between. and you think you're running all of this soap and water and it should be cl however when you're loading the dishwasher you're actuall dripping a lot of dirty particles on this portion so you take some vinegar on a cloth or cotton swab and wipe it and you should be able to get all of that dirt and grime. >> what happens to all the little chunks of food? sometimes your dishwasher stinks to high heaven. >> absolutely. there's a filter in here that catches all of that stuff and sometimes you need to remove it and rinse it off but there's certain washes you can do for the inside of your dishwasher if it does start to smell. >> thank y for settling these arguments. amera thanks you. coming up weekend we got the grammys. what better way to get ready for them than with a grammy winner. a four-time grammy winner, mr. keith urban.
9:25 am
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this tuesday february 7th, here's what is making news for today. we're following some break news in the district this morning. right now d.c. police are on the scene of an officer involved shooting. we're told an officer fired his weapon durg investigation. a man considered a suspect was hit there aakthe hospital and shot there. it's not clear how badly he was hurt at this point. you can follos on twitter for updates. we'll ok at orwh we come b swi u
9:27 am
everything's on sale, now during havertys presidents day event. havertys. life looks good.
9:28 am
we can tell you he is forecasting a high temperature of about 68 degrees for today. 52 degrees right now inside our
9:29 am
a possibility of snow in the forecast for you and in just a couple of minutes.
9:30 am
grammy awards are this sunday. it happens we got a four-time grammy winner with us, who is nominated this year. we thought it would be fun to play a game of grammy trivia. sheinelle versus keith. >> going down. >> i might break a string if i do that. >> wow. this is going to be competitive. >> it's heated up already. >> let's get started. here we go. can you sing the next line in this song, nominated for record -- >> on this? >> record and song of the year. ♪ there's such a difference between us ♪ ♪ and
9:31 am
side. it's like "september." >> it is like "september." i know even less of this one. >> can you strum in? which of these artists is not nominated for best new artist. zayn malik. chance the rapper. kelsey ballerina. or the chain smokers? >> i'm going to guess it's "b." >> you're correct. you get the point. zayn malik. okay. i'm going to name tracks on one of the albums nominated for best album. the first one that can strum in, identify the artist behind the album, gets the point. "mark my words. "i'll show you." "what to you mean."
9:32 am
>> who is the artist? >> it's got to be bieber doesn't it? >> yes. bieber. >> that's true. >> wow. did anybody else hear crickets? >> you're good. ♪ what do you mean okay. i was like, okay. don't sing it, sheinelle. >> name the artist nominated for nine grammys. >> that's the clue? >> that's the clue. >> beyonce. i know her anyway. >> all right. >> you can tell by the feet. >> i want to touch her feet. >> so far, sheinelle is in the lead. name the danish rock band that is nominated for record and song of the year. ♪ i had that dream like my daddy before me ♪ >> hello. >> that's adele. >> i know this so well. >> we both know it. >> but i should know his name. that's criminal i don't know. >> it's lucas graham. >> thank yo
9:33 am
best album featured in the following instagram photo. >> that's drake. >> i didn't need to strum this thing. >> here's the tiebreaker. >> oh, goodness. >> name this twice-nominated grammy ditty. ♪ i'm telling you >> oh. >> you. >> i didn't hear enough of it. >> what's the name? >> "blue is my color." >> "blue ain't my color." >> there you go. sheinelle wins. jerry, bring in her prize, please. >> oh. >> golden microphone. >> i can use this in the shower. >> that was hotly contested. >> cheers. coming up -- >> they don't do that on game shows. >> no time to get to the store? no worries. we have one-stop
9:34 am
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9:37 am
♪ okay. so, you don't see what happens in the commercials. sheinelle was holding a mic that she got as an award. it's a trophy. as keith is playing, she's holding the mic like the mic can pick it up. >> i love these things. >> since i was a little
9:38 am
>> can you feel the love? with valentine's day a week away -- not really. there's time to get >> there's il some time to get somethin special and you don't even have to leave town. we rounded up the best valentine'sayt ideas for kids, married couples and everybody in between. >> here to show us this is amy. >> yes, good morning. >> we're goi to our stations. keith, you take eightway. >> i'm great. >> nice to see you. >> you have young daughters that are going to love this. >> they're watching right now. >> perfect. we have great ideas for them. it's like a chalk board. we have adorable dylan and audrey crafting them up. they have chalk pens and they can draw on them. they're reusable and they can use them again and again and they're wear shirts too.
9:39 am
start. really to choose from. now for your girls around 6 and 8 they're going to love these two. there's stickers and iron ones. you can add to backpacks and shirts. perfect for the selfies because it's all about the photographs and i like the pens and monogram that they can max out their monograms add some spice to that for sure. >> next up we have some items you can do it again it's all in one jar that is easy. the gift kind of have a shelf life. can somebo give a gift you give to kids. it doesn't stick around that long. so this is an in my heart book and isn't it so beaul?
9:40 am
it's the thatjuove. you can kp reading it from the valentine's come and throughout th year too and don't forget getting to your little ones with these treats. >> the candy, right? >> and the sweets. these are wonderful. they start at $40. they come with the bag and the wrapping a they' so fantastic. >> those are chocolate covered animal crackers. >> this is for people dating or newlyweds. th's the tricky part. >> these are hand dipped chocolate coved cherries and of course the twist, you have to do that. >> got to
9:41 am
portion of the proceeds goes back to helping honey bee colonies. >> y ge jelry for newlyweds. >> onas doesn't come in a small box. >> i knew it was going to happen and i opened it up and it was a bracelet. >> bangles. they're great because you can give one. you can gi it within your budget. you can add it and it's a personalized photo. three differe types that you can choose from. so order that right away if you're interested. you can get i off instagram and social media a
9:42 am
can showoto and it comes comple framed for $39. >> can't beat that, right? and she is a wood crafter. you send in your handwritten message and s crafts this for you. >> roses that last a year. >> yes. roses specially treated to last a year and the fragrance is still there. it's developed within minutes. >> if you're not getting along, i don't ki want to give these. it's ju a thought. >> and then pajamas. >> this is the only time of year they do matchy
9:43 am
portions go to red.orgnd don't forget it. i wanted to see al roker wear the mask that says ready when you are. perfect. >> time to do the weather. we're looking at strong storms making their way down through parts of the southeast. we have severe weather and tornado watches through the south. icy conditions to the northeast. dense fog in the mid-section of the country. more heavy rain into the pacific northwest and central california and then as you can see out west the rain nts tomorrow and a little bit more of a mess into the upper midwest. that's what's going on around the country. heres what happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning, temperatures are quickly starting to rise through the area. 52 in the district b
9:44 am
temperaturell cgres. this is some record warmth across the area. expected to s warm and breezy as we go through the afternoon. tomorrow we're looking at late day rain so before we see them 60s again. thursday back to reality. 40 and 38 on f >> keith, what did you say? >> fifty shades of weather is what you were doing, al. >> keith urban, ladies and gentlemen. keith urban. >> i'll be he >> either urban ladies an gentlemen. heas a surprise for us coming up. don't go away beusyodot want tois to me the acidity of foods and what they can do to your teeth. thinning of the teeth and leading to being extremely yellow would probably gross me out! my dentist recommended pronamel. it can help protect enamel from acid erosion. my mouth feels really fresh and clean and i stuck with it. i really like it. it gives me a lot of confidence. pronamel is all about your enamel. helping to protect your enamel.
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9:48 am
we have been having a great time with our guest co-host, country music star keith urban. >> it's a busy week for keith as he gears up for the grammys on sunday. he is up for three awards, including best country album for his chart-topping release, "rip cord." >> first of all, any hints about what you and carrie are going to do? >> we're going to do a new single coming out called "the fighter." >> i heard a piece of it. >> we have a video coming out soon. >> and this song, "blue ain't your color," up for best country song. what's the genesis of this? >> this is a song written by great writers down in nashville. just fell in love with it immediately. i write a lot. but every now and then, i hear a song -- >> can you play it?
9:49 am
>> yeah. >> ladleme keith urban. >> i happen to have this guitar handy. what are the odds? >> unbelievable. ♪ i can see you over there staring at your drink ♪ ♪ watching that on alone tonight and chances are ♪ ♪ you're sitting here in this bar ♪ ♪ because he ain't going to treat you right ♪ ♪ it's probably not my place but i'm not going to say it anyway ♪ ♪ because you look like you haven't have a little fun haven't had a smile ♪ ♪ in a little while baby ♪ ♪ blue looks good on that t sky ♪ ♪ looks good on that neon buzzening on the
9:50 am
♪ but it doesn't match youreyes ♪ and i'm telling you you don't need that guy ♪ ♪ he's so black and white stealing your thunder ♪ ♪ baby blue ain't your color ♪ i'm not trying to be another just pick you up kind of guy ♪ ♪ trying to drink yao up and trying to take you home ♪ ♪ but i just don't understand how another man can take your sun and turn it ice cold ♪ ♪ well i've had enough to drink and it's making me think to tell you if i were a painter ♪ ♪ i wouldn't change it i would just paint
9:51 am
your eye ♪ ♪ i'm telling you you don't need that guy ♪ ♪ it's so black and white he's stealing your thunder ♪ ♪ baby, blue ain't your color ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, baby blue looks good on the sky ♪ ♪ looks good on that neon buzzing on the w
9:52 am
♪ i'm telling you you don't need that guy ♪ ♪ it's so black and white stealing your thunder ♪ ♪ baby blue ain't your color blue ain't your color ♪ >> wow. and that's how you do it. keith urban. thank you so much. >> my pleasure, al. >> oh, my god. >> we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. >> that's why i love this >> she sai.d
9:53 am
fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can deliver equal uploads and downloads. welcome to 8 and a half maple street. it's half a house. and even though it only has half a kitchen, half the closet space and a half bath, it's a full house to the wilsons.
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fast aren't up to speed.d't pay fort get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for only $79.99 per month online for one year. only from fios. come on. >> we have had the most amazing show. >> awesome. >> it's a fun
9:55 am
it ended too soon. >> you can staye next hour. >> see what you got yourself into? >> we have eugene levy and his son, dan. he can sing with mic i would love to. >> and all of that after ur local newsss and all that after your local news, i guess. >> run away. >> get out while you can. >> he promised he would stay. where did keith go? weird. >> he was just here. >> local n local news d r mi up next.
9:56 am
game night is our daughter allie's favorite night. and knowing that her favorite general mills big g cereals are gluten-free, like honey nut cheerios, rice chex and lucky charms, she can enjoy it her way. try new very berry cheerios. the taste of real fruit in every bite. so berry good.
9:57 am
good morng it's 9:57-on-this y february 7th. here's what's making news for today. we're following breaking news in the district at this hour. d.c. police are on the scene of an officer involved shooting. an officer fired his weapon during an investigation at 13th street and good hope road in southeast. a man was shot there and taken to the hospital. it's not clear how badly that suspect was hurt at this point. she is
9:58 am
for updates. >> good morning, temperatures are quickly rising. we are now at 56 degrees in the district. that southwts going to help to warm us up today. look at the record temperatures we expect to be breaking at reagan national, dulles, temperatur expected to be reaching t upper 60s. many records tomorrow. today is the day we're in the 60s again. mid 60s but we drop back into the 40s on thursday with an early chance for rain changing over to snow. >> thank you. of course y c the latest news and weather any time on the nbc washington app. we hope you join us for news 4 midday at 100
9:59 am
y23wpy y5yy fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can deliver equal uploads and downloads. welcome to 8 and a half maple street. it's half a house. and even though it only has half a kitchen, half the closet space and a half bath, it's a full house to the wilsons. because they have fios, their half house has full internet, with uploads as fast as downloads. don't pay for uploads that aren't up to speed. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for only $79.99 per month online for one year.
10:00 am
. from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ♪ how can we be lovers >> welcome to booze day tuesday. hoda's favorite day of the week. it's february 7th, and it's also affectionately known as spanky tuesday. >> i thought we canceled spanky tuesday. >> no, everybody loves it. >> who loves it? >> i do. okay. that is "how can we be lovers" by the legendary michael bolton. you know him. smooth voice. he is having such a resurgence of his popularity because


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